Eskilstuna Airport (ESSU)
SE-635 06  Eskilstuna, SWEDEN
Phone: +46 (0)705 30 31 59
Approval: SE.MF.0022

Upcoming 8.33kHz requirements and suggested solutions.

COM 8.33kHz NAV/COM 8.33kHz COM/NAV/GPS Mode-S transponder
Trig Avionics TY96
Lead time end of July !
King KX165A 8.33kHz 28V,
lead time several months.
  Trig Avionics TT31
Slide in replacement for King KT76A.
Free STC available.
Trig Avionics TY91
Small form factor
TKM Avionics claims they
will have a King KX155/165
replacement soon.
Avidyne IFD440
Free STC available
Plug play replacement
for GNS430W
Avidyne AXP340
Based on the Trig TT31 wich is
known "to work just ok".
Also slide in replacement for KT76A.
Icom A220TSO
OLED display!
Affordable standard size unit.
Backed up by Icom Sweden,
Swedish radio supply 2 year

We will (try) match any European competitors price. Due to heavy demand - be prepared for lead times on component orders.
Annex II - other than EASA aircraft /
Will not be prioritized - requires separate installation approval and paperwork.
For regulatory information about 8.33kHz channel spacing requiremens refer to: Regulation (EU) No 1079/2012.

For regulatory requirements regarding VOR/LOC/ILS FM immunity refer to:  LFS 2007:27 (ICAO Annex 10) Link

Note that we do not install old non compliant NAV equippment.

Is your aircraft IFR approved? Part-NCO (Non commercial operations) Link PDF page 1498 and forward.
NCO.IDE.A.195 Navigation equipment (PDF page 1521)

"Aeroplanes shall have sufficient navigation equipment to ensure that, in the event of the failure
of one item of equipment at any stage of the flight, the remaining equipment shall allow safe navigation"

Mode-S transponder requirement

Commision regulation (EU) No 1207/2011 ammended 1028/2014 Link
7 Dec 2017, Mode-S requirement for all IFR operations. 7 June 2020, ADS-B requirement (only applicable for >5700kg and/or >250kts)

  • Your avionics service partner
  • Documentation, design and aircraft records management
  • COM/NAV, transponder, DME, audiopanel, marker testing capabilities
  • Installation of Garmin GMA240/GTN650/FS210 and a Dynon package incl 2-axis auto pilot in a MFI15
  • CNC milling of panels and plates (Trig TY91/TT21 adapter plate shown)
  • COM 8.33kHz requirement
  • Altimeter, airspeed indicator and altitude encoder testing
  • In aircraft installations (here C172/G1000 modified with ADF/DME)
  • ADF bench testing (Loop box antenna simulator)
  • Antenna SWR/TDR and transmitter spectrum measurements
  • Installation of avionics such as the Aspen EFIS system in most GA aircraft
  • Thermal imagining of electrical and mechanical components
  • Trig Avionics COM TY91 / XPNDR TT21 compact size (Saab 91 Safir Annex II)
  • High and Low resistance measurement (Bonding check composite aircraft)
  • GTN650 installed in a PA31 (Previously installed a Garmin GNS530)